So President Trump has convinced half of the American people that the Mueller Report which does not yet exist, and indeed may not be written for years, is biased against Trump. The sophistical argument is that collusion will be discovered because of an illegal wiretap and that the wife of one of the investigating lawyers is a Democrat. But as Trump well knows the conclusions and the report will be delivered by Robert Mueller—who is a Republican. And obviously if Trump did nothing illegal why is he provoking an historic constitutional confrontation to block a report that could clear his name forever if he is innocent? Clearly I was wrong to be skeptical about Trump’s assertion that he could murder somebody on Fifth Avenue and his supporters would not care. I admit it. Trump understands the American people and I obviously don’t. He is pushing some very strong emotional buttons in Republicans to get them to come to his defense after his most insulting and outrageous comments. And people don’t get that wrought up about jobs or the territorial integrity of the United States land mass. We’re all adults. Nobody is fooling anybody else about what that emotional issue is. I’m done.



  1. The tribalism and cognitive dissonance is truly frightening. And the recent news that Nunes hadn’t read the FISA warrants, just deepens my fear of where we are headed.


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