The issue of the Fuhrer’s reign has been considerably narrowed in the last 24 hours, the grand contentions about jobs and Confederate monuments now being totally subsumed by one fundamental question: is the United States of America a nation of laws where they must be obeyed by all citizens, or is one billionaire playboy above the law? Not only is he continuing to obstruct justice, but Republican House members are doing likewise is daily threats, interference, and coordinated political attacks on an historically critical and legitimate investigation regarding the role of America’s greatest adversary of the last century, Russia, played in the 2016 presidential election. These desperate measures suggest a tremendous amount of guilt on the part of the presidency of a man who stood up in three debates charged with fraud, illegal tax write offs, and 16 meticulously documented incidents of sexual assault. A President does not have any legitimate authority to impede a federal investigation of his criminal actions and neither do members of Congress. What we have here is a Republican power play that is dangerous, indeed far more dangerous that the coup disguised as an impeachment of President Clinton and the absurd Supreme Court holding that there is a fundamental right to a uniform vote recount, which there was not in 2000, there was not in 2001, and there is not in 2018. Mainstream Republicans need to wake up and reign in this Monster….

Despite the almost comical denial from White House chief wrestler Sarah Sanders, Trump has obviously pressured out the FBI Deputy Director, and he must really be feeling the heat to take a desperate risk in what surely looks like another attempt to obstruct the Russia collusion investigation. But kudos, as always to the Fuhrer for the crafty PR move of sacking McCabe on the day of the State of the Union, where its impact can be buried in whatever outrageous things he intends to regale us with tonight….


I have no sense of how the investigation is proceeding. However it would be inaccurate to compare this uniquely awful Monster to any elected leader in democratic countries. His daily antics are most similar to Mussolini, although it may be that Trump sought the presidency to help shield himself from criminal prosecution in the manner of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy. Obviously you cannot compare trying to micromanage your own criminal investigation to a consensual piece of adultery, and as a matter of law adultery is not a legal issue outside of a public divorce. The obvious obstruction of justice in the last 24 hours goes beyond beyond Nixon’s stonewalling orders because he didn’t use members of Congress to try to intimidate the FBI. Trump desperately wants to be unique and over the top and he is doing that as he either breaks the law or pushes the fine line between legal and illegal. Don’t forget that suing anybody who fails to praise him lavishly has been part of his bully tactics for 5 decades. You need to tell your Republican friends to write or call the White House and tell Trump to obey the law for once, so he does not do any more damage to their party….
Well one good thing about the Trump presidency, nobody is pretending that adultery is an impeachable offense anymore, thanks to his favorite porn star, and Mr. Mueller does not have to coach litigants into creating a lawsuit to give him a jurisdictional excuse to depose Trump, and hope to catch him in a perjury of denying he had sex with the porn star.

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