A President who lost the popular vote wants an historic showdown, apparently to show that bullying the FBI and CIA and Department of Justice is just as easy as putting old ladies out in the street after his purchase of New York real estate, or hiding his employment of undocumented Mexicans to construct the entire line of buildings that dot the West Wide Highway in New York City in a safe in the Upper West Side. Those who voted for this Monster because he made them feel good when he stuck out his childish tongue at the US Government, have to understand this is serious business. Let us play out the President’s fantasy briefly here. Robert Mueller produces a report that shows criminal action by Mr. Trump, and the Fuhrer of Fifth Avenue finds an FBI Director or Assistant Attorney General to block that report, hence stopping the prosecution, and he gets away with it, serving out two terms and living happily ever after, even if US banks will not loan him 50 cents the rest of his life. I realize that this scoundrel has already gotten away with 100 things that would have sent George Washington to prison many times over, and which we have all assumed would be his political undoing, but this sounds more like a deeply mentally ill man with a death wish almost hoping to be indicted and have the terrible burdens of the presidency lifted from his shoulders. Despite his bombast and frantic activity, by all accounts he is absolutely miserable being President, not least of all because the normal patience and compromise required of world leaders is beyond his capabilities. A shrink might suggest that the employment of these Mexicans made him feel guilty and his amazing powers of transferring his own sins to others explains his claim of all those Mexican rapists among the allegedly undocumented immigrants. It was really not that long ago that I dated a young woman whose mother claimed all Italian American males were rapists. I didn’t find such disgusting smears amusing then and I don’t find such disgusting smears amusing now.


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